1xBet Nepal Betting Tips in 2022


1xBet is an online betting site that offers sports betting and casino games. If you have a passion for sports and you love to gamble, 1xBet is the perfect site for you. Whether you are looking for advice on which team to bet on, or you want to know about sports betting games, there is plenty of information for you to access on the 1xBet website.

There are so many people following their favorite games, and with the right 1xBet betting tips, you are sure to make a profit. But how do you make the right bets? What are the 1xBet betting tips? We will walk you through all of this and more in this article.

Why Bet on 1xBet Nepal?

With so many betting agencies today, you might wonder why to choose 1xBet Nepal. Well, it is quite obvious that 1xBet is the most popular betting platform in Nepal. And following extra reasons will make you register an account in 1xBet Nepal without wasting a minute. 

1. Easy to Navigate

Whether you are on a smartphone or on a laptop, the 1xbet website provides an easy-to-navigate interface. It is very easy to search for your favorite games and place a bet. 1xbet will automatically generate the return amount once you place the bet on your team. It also shows the worth of your bet on a particular team. 

For example, once you click on a match you will see something like “W1 2.51 X 4.6 W2 3.50”. This means, that if you place a bet on W1 i.e. Team 1, you will win 2.51 times your bet if Team 1 wins. Similarly, if you place a bet on W2 i.e. Team2, you will win 3.50 times your bet if Team 2 wins. But if you place a bet on X i.e. Draw, you will win 4.6 times your bet if the match is a draw. 

2. Easy to Deposit and Withdraw Cash

It is pretty easy to deposit money in 1xbet from Nepal. Popular payment gateway of Nepal like connectIPS, eSewa, cellpay, and more have joined with 1xbet to provide easy payment methods. Also if you have a visa card or MasterCard you can directly pay or withdraw from them as well. 1xBet Nepal is totally secure and also provides two-factor authentications for your account’s safety. 

To Deposit Cash on 1xbet:

Step 1: Download 1xbet Nepal app

Step 2: Register your account on 1xbet Nepal.

Step 3: Click on the “Deposit” icon on the 1xbet app.

Step 4: Select your preferred payment method.

Step 5: Provide valid credentials and the cash you want to deposit. 

To Withdraw Cash from 1xBet:

Step 1: Click on “My Account” at the top.

Step 2: Click on “Withdraw”.

Step 3: Select your preferred withdrawal method.

Step 4: Provide valid credentials and the amount you want to withdraw. 

3. 100% Bonus on Your First Deposit

By registering to 1xbet you can receive a 100% bonus on the maximum amount of NRs. 14000 on your first deposit. To get a bonus, you must have to deposit a minimum of NRs. 1000. Also the bonus amount has a period of 30 days. We recommend you read 1xbet’s first deposit bonus rules before you deposit your cash. You can also use the promo codes to get a bonus on your first deposit. You can get free promo codes by joining our Facebook page

4. Reliability 

Unlike any other betting platform, 1xbet is the most reliable betting company you will ever come across. It provides an easy way to load and withdraw your money without wasting any valuable time. Also, you will be paid for your win regardless of how much cash it is. The amount isn’t delayed by any means and you can withdraw it once it shows in your account. 

1xBet Nepal Betting Tips to Win

Let’s be realistic here. You cannot win every single match you bet on. But by learning a few 1xbet betting tips you can constantly win your games. These tricks have been used by many 1xbet players and had success on their bets. These tips and tricks are not difficult to understand and with these almost anyone can win in 1xbet. Here are some tips that you can use:

Always choose fewer games and bet higher

This is one of the top tips used by 1xbet players to win a bet. Obviously, betting on multiple games at the same time looks like the best way to win huge money but that is not always the cash. If you are betting on multiple games, they should be low-risk games. As you may lose a lot. Instead, choose fewer games but increase your stake. With this, you will have more focus on the game and will have a higher chance of winning. Especially when you are betting on a live event, just avoid betting on multiple matches. 

Don’t Just bet on Hurry

Placing a bet in a hurry is very risky. The first thing you have to do is to carefully review both teams. That is, examine their previous performances, their last match, overall scorecard, rankings, player’s form, absence of players in the match, and more. Once you have done that, it is highly likely that you will come up with a decision that will win the bet. 

Cash Out when you think you may lose

For a better user experience, 1xbet provides a feature of cash out from your bet. This means you can displace a certain amount of cash from the total money you placed on a bet. The best part is that you can just take home a certain amount when you think you are going to lose the bet. 

Wrapping Up

1xbet Nepal is one of the top sports betting platforms where you can win cash for your successful bet every hour. Many Nepalese are playing 1xbet and have won a lot of cash. The best part with 1xbet Nepal is that you get a bonus on your deposits and can earn promo codes. Follow NpSportsNews to get more news and valuable information on 1xbet

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