1xBet Nepal Football Betting Guide in 2022

1xBet Nepal Football Betting Guide in 2022

August 3, 2022

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and in Nepal. There are many different levels of football from the very amateur to professional and everything in between. By having proper knowledge of online betting and football, you can earn extra income. 

1xBet is one of the leading online betting platforms for every sport. 1xBet has made the football betting market more accessible than ever before. With the introduction of 1xBet Nepal, gambling in football matches is way easier now for every football lover in Nepal. This article will provide you with all the necessary information you need to place a successful bet on football matches from Nepal.

How to Register and Download 1xBet Nepal?

Registering and downloading 1xBet in Nepal seems hard as the site is blocked in Nepal and you cannot find the app on the play store as well. But worry not, it is still possible to register and download the 1xBet Nepal app. Read our guide on how to download and register an account in 1xBet in Nepal. 1xBet is safe and provides multiple options to load and withdraw money from it. Many Nepalese are using 1xBet and are earning extra cash through it. 

How to Bet in 1xBet Football Games

Once you have successfully deposited the cash in 1xBet, it’s time to bet on your favorite football matches. You can bet on both live events or upcoming football matches through 1xBet. Most beginners do not know how to find the football match they are looking for. To find your match, you need to make sure whether it is a live event or an upcoming event. 

Bet on Live Football Matches

Popular football matches are easy to find as they will be listed on the first page of the app. It will also show the current score and time remaining for the completion of the match. If you cannot find the football match, you can just click on “Football” from the top slider. Then you have to select the league in which the match is happing to find your game.

For a live match, there are multiple options to bet on, and these options change when the game proceeds further. Some of the most common options that you can place a bet on are, Team 1 (W1) win, Team 2 (W2) win, Draw (X), both teams score, and more. You can bet on any of the given options which you believe the outcome will be in your favor. 

Bet on Upcoming Football Matches

You can use the following steps to bet on upcoming football matches in the 1xBet Nepal app. 

Step 1: Click on the “Menu” from the bottom row.

Step 2: Select “Sports”.

Step 3: Select “Football”.

Step 4: Select the league or tournament where the football match is happening.

Step 5: Click on your favorite football event that you want to bet on. 

Step 6: Place your bet on the shown options.

It will show you multiple betting options. The most common one will be which team will win. For example, a game between Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt shows W1 1.512 | X 4.78 | W2 6.85. This means if you place a bet on Real Madrid (W1) to win you will get a return of 1.512 times your bet. Similarly, W2 means Eintracht Frankfurt to win and X means the match will be a draw. If you lose your bet, you lose your money. 

There are multiple options other than the above-mentioned. Some of them are, scoring before 1st half, scoring in 2nd half, double chance, both teams scoring, scoring in the first 15 min, and more. Always remember, the higher the risk higher is the reward. 

1xBet Football Betting Rules

There are multiple rules for betting on football in 1xBet Nepal. Some of the most common rules are discussed below:

  • Every bet is accepted on the conditions offered by the bookmaker 1xBet. 
  • Regular time is the duration of the football match which does not include extra time, penalty shootouts, overtime, etc. 
  • Bets can only be made as set by the bookmaker 1xBet. Some of the most obvious bet types are the exact result, winner, draw, two or more outcomes, etc. 
  • You can bet on upcoming football events or on a live match. 
  • Bets can be placed based on a regular interval, 1st half, and 2nd half of a football match.
  • A bet that has already been placed and the coupon has also been accepted, 1xBet bookmaker does not provide an option to cancel the bet. But you can sell your coupon partially or completely to get back your investment. 
  • Anyhow if the bet is not settled then the bet will be canceled and the user will be refunded. 

1xBet Football Betting Guide 

1xBet Nepal betting tips could help users be more successful in their bets. By following a few simple tricks, you can increase your chance of winning.

  • Always do proper research before you place a bet. That is, research both teams and check their previous games. Always check if there are any key players missing from the team that can change the outcome of the event. 
  • The best way to get more success as a beginner would be to bet on small odds. That is bet on the team with a return of no more than 2.0. The lower the odds, the higher will be the chance of winning. 
  • Select bets that do not have more than 2 or 3 outcomes. If there are multiple outcomes for the bet, chances are you are going to lose your bet. 
  • Do not place bets in hurry. Be calm and be self-disciplined. Control the size and amount of your bet. Be realistic and control your emotions while placing the bet. 
  • Bet on those events that you are fully confident in. By regularly watching football matches, you will have enough knowledge of which team is more powerful than the other. In such cases, you will be confident in your bet and the result will be in your favor. 

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