1xBet Nepal Cricket Betting Guide

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Cricket betting has grown in popularity over the years. Cricket is a popular sport that is played around the world and is also the most popular sport in Nepal. The game has been sweeping the world, and it is all thanks to the online betting industry that has been able to provide betting options to everyone across the world. One of the top online betting sites in Nepal is 1xBet.

1xBet has made the cricket betting market more accessible for sports lovers. In this article, we will provide you with the required information to place a successful bet on a cricket match from Nepal.

Why Choose 1xBet Nepal?

1xBet is one of the most reliable and trusted platforms in Nepal. 1xbet is safe and provides multiple options for depositing and withdrawing money from the trusted procedure. As a result, popular mobile wallets like eSewa and cellpay are associated with 1xbet from which you can deposit and withdraw your cash. Even if you are outside of the country, you can still use your credit card or debit card to deposit and withdraw your money. Many sports lovers are getting benefits from 1xbet and now it’s your turn to earn some extra cash. 

How to bet in 1xBet Cricket Games

Betting in 1xBet cricket matches is way easier than you think. Once you have deposited the cash, the next step would be to pick the cricket match that you want to bet in. As there may be multiple cricket matches happening at the moment, finding the one you want to bet on might be difficult if you are a beginner. 1xBet lets you bet on a live cricket match or upcoming cricket matches. 

Bet on Live Cricket Matches

All the popular cricket matches would be listed on the first page of the 1xBet app. But if you cannot find one, then just click on “cricket” in the top row of 1xBet. 

Once clicked, it will open up a page from where you need to select the cricket league in which the actual match is happening. 

Inside the league, you will find multiple cricket matches happening at the moment and you have to select the one that you want to bet in. 

The final step would be to bet based on the options provided by 1xBet. For example, you can bet on events like who is going to win, total runs, total wickets, wickets in this over, six in the next over, and more. 

Bet on Upcoming Cricket Matches

You can use the following steps to bet on upcoming cricket matches in the 1xBet Nepal app. 

Step 1: Click on the “Menu” from the bottom row.

Step 2: Select “Sports”.

Step 3: Select “Cricket”.

Step 4: Select the league or tournament (ODI, Test, T20, U19, IPL, etc.) where the cricket match is happening.

Step 5: Click on your favorite cricket event that you want to bet on. 

Step 6: Place your bet on the shown options.

As like in a live cricket match, upcoming cricket matches will also have multiple betting options in which you can bet. Most common of which are Team 1 to win, Draw, Team 2 to win, Team to win the toss, number of runs in 1st ball, etc. All the betting options will have betting odds displayed. The odds will tell you how much cash you are going to get if you win the bet. For example, the betting options for “Team to Win the Toss” have betting odds of Team 1 (1.85) and Team 2 (1.85). This means that if you place a bet on Team 1 and the team wins the Toss, you will get a return of 1.85 times your placed money. 

1xBet Cricket Betting Rules

Some of the most common 1xBet cricket betting rules are discussed below:

  • Every bet is accepted on the conditions offered by the bookmaker 1xBet. 
  • You can bet on both live cricket matches as well as upcoming cricket matches. 
  • Bets placed on the live matches cannot be edited or deleted. 
  • If somehow the cricket match is incomplete, the bet will be settled at an odd of 1. i.e. you will be refunded. 
  • If a T20 match is shortened by 1 to 5 overs or a Test match is shortened by 1 to 20 overs, then all the bets will be settled based on the match outcome.
  • If a T20 match is shortened by more than 5 overs and a Test match is shortened by more than 20 overs, all the bets will be refunded except for the odds that are already determined.
  • A bet that has already been placed and the coupon has also been accepted, 1xBet bookmaker does not provide an option to cancel the bet. But you can sell your coupon partially or completely to get back your investment. 

1xBet  Cricket Betting Guide 

With the 1xBet Nepal cricket betting tips, you can increase the chance of winning your odds. Here are some of the tips you must follow to have success in 1xBet Nepal.

  • The proper way to get a higher success rate in every bet is by placing bets on smaller odds. Less the betting odds (less than 2) higher will be the chance of winning the bet. 
  • Place the bets on the odds that have fewer outcomes. A higher number of outcomes will divide the probability of winning and the success rate will be less. Bet on events that do not have more than 2 or 3 outcomes. 
  • Don’t just bet on your favorite team. Do complete research before you place a bet. Key factors like the stiffness of the pitch, home ground, missing key players, match history with the opponents, etc. can make or break the outcome of the match.  
  • Be realistic and only place your bet that is achievable. Yes, cricket is an unpredictable game but still, the outcome can be predicted based on their previous performances. Do not just place your bet in a hurry. 
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