England to battle for Champions Trophy against Nethelands

November 8, 2023

England will be fighting for a place in the Champions Trophy, and a win over the Netherlands would help their cause.

England to battle for Champions Trophy against Nethelands

While both England and the Netherlands are no longer in contention for a place in the World Cup semi-finals, their match could determine who will compete in the Champions Trophy.

Jos Buttler’s eliminated England team is at the bottom of the table with just one win and two points, while the Netherlands are two spots higher with two wins and four points.

The top eight finishers in this tournament will be invited to the Champions Trophy in 2025, as will the top seven if Pakistan fails to qualify.

England vs Netherlands | Battle for Place

One win could be enough for the Netherlands to take one of those spots, and two should be enough.

With a tough test against runaway leaders India in their last game, they will be looking to England as their best chance to secure one of those victories.

Despite facing a low-confidence England side, Netherlands’ Bas de Leede believes the “expectation” for the match is firmly with England.

“As a title-defending team there is a huge pressure on you straight away, especially when you don’t get a great start, and I’m sure there is added pressure for them now on this game,” De Leede said.

“It’s a privilege for us to be playing for a place in the Champions Trophy; for them, it’s an expectation to finish in the top eight.”

“Of course, England is a dangerous side with such quality in the batting and bowling departments, but two wins in this campaign is pretty good for us, and we feel as a group that there is more out there for us.”

“The evidence is in the South Africa game.” It was great to see what we had been practicing come off against a team like that, and it gave us a lot of confidence as a team.

“It’s a massive opportunity, 100%.” We know that if we win this game, we’ll be a lot closer to qualifying.” “If we win it would be fantastic for Dutch cricket.”

“Qualifying for the Champions Trophy would give us another seven games against the best teams.” That’s how we keep progressing as a national team and it’s in our hands. We felt like we were gate-crashing here, so coming through would be huge.”