Felix ‘Not Interested’ for Barcelona No.10 Jersey

September 11, 2023

Felix decided not to take the number 10 jersey at Barça due to his importance to the club, the short duration of his contract, and the circumstances with Fati’s transfer to Brighton.

It has been revealed why Joao Felix chose not to choose number ten in Barcelona.

The Catalan club signed the Atlético midfielder on loan for one season before the summer transfer window closed. According to Diario Sport, the Portuguese had the option of taking number 10 at his new club, but he picked number 14 for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is because Joao understands the significance of this number in Barcelona – Lionel Messi used to play under it. The athlete understands that he needs perform at a high level before attaining the status of club star.

Furthermore, Felix’s entourage is well aware of the context around number 10. Ansu Fati, who formerly wore this number, is also represented by Jorge Mendes. Fati’s loan move to Brighton allowed Barcelona to sign Felix, and it is believed that turning over the number to the Portuguese would have “added fuel to the fire.”

The length of Felix’s contract was also one of the reasons for his refusal to number 10. The lease would be for one season, and it would be “too presumptuous” to take the accommodation under these circumstances.

Barcelona views the issue similarly. The club did not ban Felix from wearing number 10, but it also did not offer it. The Blaugrana believe that it is best to leave this number alone for the time being.


On arrival at Barcelona, Joao Felix was not offered, nor did he request, the No.10 shirt.

In the dying hours of the summer transfer window, the Portuguese international made a spectacular season-long move to Catalonia.

Felix had earlier expressed his desire to join Barcelona, much to the chagrin of his parent club Atletico Madrid, but he was able to finalize the transfer just in time.

Before joining Barcelona, Atletico Madrid chose to extend Felix’s contract until 2029, but his long-term future at either club is uncertain.