How to become 1xbet affiliate partner from Nepal?

How to Become a 1xBet Affiliate Partner from Nepal?

November 15, 2022
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Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling someone else’s product online in exchange for a commission. A company or investor, for example, can have a product or a collection of products. The items may include physical or digital. They allow others to promote and sell their items, earning them a commission on each sale.

What exactly is the 1xPartners affiliate market network?

You have the chance to make money off of your traffic thanks to 1xBet Partners. Simply use referral links and discount codes to advertise our brand and encourage customers to register at 1xBet. Following that, you start continuing to get payment for any winnings by clients you are reffering to 1xBet.

The 1xBet partner affiliate network offers you the chance to monetize your audience and bring in consistent cash as a side hustle.

You can earn a commission on each depositor who registers using your affiliate link by simply promoting their product on your website or other traffic-generating channels.

You will receive a unique affiliate ID after completing your affiliate program signup.

All players that clicked on your affiliate link will be associated with your account using this ID.

In all of the promotional materials that are accessible in your personal account, the affiliate ID is already there.

How Does a 1xBet Affiliate Program Work?

  1. An ‘Affiliate Program‘ is a simple process that looks like this: 
  2. A company or a vendor/ producer has something to sell or promote with a secondary method by means of agents or digital platforms. 
  3. An affiliate/ agent puts the same product on a website or shows an ad or link for some products: ABC on any digital platform. 
  4. A customer clicks on the provided link or ad and transactions are tracked
  5. As the customer engages in such links/ ads, & the merchant gets a sale and the affiliate gets a commission as per the sales generated.
  6. The process continues repeatedly as long as the customers are visiting.
A illustrative diagram showing about affiliate marketing/ program

Each affiliate obtains a special identifying number after registering with 1xPartners. Each partner’s players are permanently assigned to them thanks to this permanent method.

What is the process to become a 1xBet Partner in Nepal?

You can simply select the “Register” option and complete the form. Within 48 hours, the Partners 1xBet team will access your application.

How Much Can We Earn as a 1xBet Partner?

There are no limits to the amount of money you can make! Increase your profits today by promoting 1xBet.

What are the Benefits of the 1xBet Partners Affiliate Program?

The 1xPartners program of 1xBet offers partners a number of benefits;

  • Cooperation with the top betting product in the world
  • Monetization of the traffic on your website, channel, group, or forums
  • Automatic weekly payments
  • High conversion of registrations into deposits within the product
  • A lifetime commission for each player brought
  • Commission on all 1xBet products; – Special bonuses for your audience
  • More than 200 available payment methods
  • Outstanding marketing resources are made available
  • Easy access to all important resources in your account
  • A unique approach with outstanding marketing support for each partner
  • Recommended by more than 50,000 partners globally.

What’s the Catch: Is 1xBet Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, taking part is completely free. The best part is that joining the affiliate program will give you a fantastic chance to collaborate with a well-established company and boost your earnings.

What is the 1xPartners Affiliate Program?

With 1xPartners, you can make profitable money from your tariff/ visits. Simply use referral links and discount codes to spread the word about our brand and encourage users to sign up for an account at 1xBet. After that, you will continue to get paid for any winnings made by the players you sent to 1xBet.

How to Become an Affiliate for 1xbet?

When you register for the affiliate program, you must complete the following fields with your personal information:

Username and password

Additional data include the website, website category, preferred language, and website address and a response to the question “How did you hear about us?

Names, email addresses, country, skype (optional), and your phone number for contacts 

Payment information – choose the method of payment you choose here, then enter your card number or e-wallet profile to receive your commissions in that manner.

Following completion of the application form, it will be examined, and you will be notified of your acceptance or rejection. The approval process takes 48 hours to complete.

The affiliate can join for free; there is no membership fee.

You can advertise 1xBET using any channel available to you in order to increase traffic and draw new users:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Youtube
  • Forum
  • Social network
  • Email marketing
  • Word-of-mouth promotion

The rules and regulations of this affiliate program state that you may be paid up to 40% of the total monthly losses when a customer registers using your affiliate link.

Profits can be transferred via any of the following payment processors: Esewa, Khalti, Cellpay,Moru, etc. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 NPR.

If the partner’s account balance is inadequate to cover a withdrawal, both the positive balance and the negative balance are carried over to the next month. The unfavourable balance is carried over to the subsequent month. The business retains the right to postpone affiliate program payments for up to two months.

In your own account, you can access banners and other promotional items that already contain your particular affiliate link.

An affiliate (referral) link is a link that identifies you as a partner in the 1xBET affiliate network so that they can track the player’s origin and properly assign your commission.

The fact that there are no restrictions on how much you can earn is wonderful. Your income will be based on how much money you made by sending 1xBET traffic.

160 payment options are available from 1xBET in more than 50 different nations.

How to Become an Affiliate of 1xbet from Nepal?

For this process, first, you have to go through the initial user registration. Make sure to fill in all the genuine information in the required fields on the mobile app or website to complete the signup. 

User registration from 1xbet mobile application

Visit the registration website link;, or use your mobile application for easier registration. You can easily sign up in the initial phase just by clicking the “One-Click” option.

A registration process diagram- step 2

There you have to choose the country you live in, currency of your country, and the promo code (1xNPS). After entering data and filling up the given boxes, you will get a message box showing “Thanks for the Registration”. You’ll receive your username and password as well. Save the credentials as a screenshot or download it. The first and new registration for a new user id done. Now, follow the below process for partners registration;

After Registration,

Step 1: Visit for affiliate registration registration.

Step 2: Click on the “Registration” button and fill in all your correct details as:

1xbet Partners sign up page
  • Login: “The recent login you got from one-click registration” (For example; 700385975) {Contains 9 digits} 
  • Password: You can create a new password
  • Website:
  • Site Category: “Sports Predictions”
  • Language: “Choose your compatible language”
  • Country: “Country where you are currently living”
  • Phone Number: “Your phone number”
  • Preferred payout method: “Player Account”
  • Wallet Number: “Your wallet number (The Login id you got from initial one-click registration)”

Note: After filling in all details correctly, click on the agreement prompt: I have read, understood…

Wrapping Up

The affiliate marketing in 1xbet is very profitable and best affiliate program among all bookmakers. The 1xBet partner affiliate network offers you the chance to monetize your audience and bring in consistent cash as a side hustle. To get predictions from our experts, follow us on NP Sports News. We provide game predictions and sports news about big events happening in 1xBet. Follow our Facebook page to be always updated on upcoming events. 

Contact our customer service support for 1xBet if you experience any problems.

For more information; please contact us at 1xBet Nepal Facebook

Please, if you have any queries, feel free to share your issues with us.

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