How to play 1xGames in 1xbet?


One of the biggest online betting sites, 1xbet, provides practically everything. The Russian-based bookmaker known as 1xGames offers a plethora of games from thirty different game developers. They include games like 1xDice, Fantasy Football, Heads or Tails, and roulette. Some of these games might not be available anywhere else. You will become dependent on these games because of the abundance of bonuses, which includes the 100% bonus on your initial deposit and Monday bonuses.

Before you start placing bets with real money, you must first become accustomed to these games by practising. However, as the site is available in the majority of the world’s languages, you won’t need to worry about anything and can easily pick up the tips.

Where to find 1x Games?

You have two options for playing a 1x game: either you can play with the real money you deposited, or 1x Bet will provide you bonuses that only let you play 1x games. You can navigate to the left corner of the mobile app or the browser’s home page. The 1x Games section is available. We may view and play more than 50 games by clicking on it.

You can find these games in 1x Games;


How to play Russian roulette in 1xbet ?

Because both inexperienced and seasoned players have an equal probability of winning, Russian roulette is an excellent neutralizer. While it’s true that practice makes perfect, training won’t help you win at roulette because it’s completely a game of chance. However, it’s not too difficult to understand how Russian roulette works. The wheel includes 37 red and black digits that alternate, along with one green number (0). The dealer spins the wheel in one direction while rotating the ball in the other to find the winning number. Then, you can choose to wager on one or more numbers, on the colour black or red, or on an odd or even number. You can place outside bets, which have a 50/50 probability of success, or inside bets, which carry a higher risk but offer higher potential rewards if you win. Try it now.

How to play 1x Dice?

One of the easiest games at 1xbet, 1xDice, has grown in recognition over time. You just need to hope for the best and roll the dice. Since it is more luck-based than skill-based, like other 1xbet games, you shouldn’t be concerned if you are new to gambling. You set your wager before rolling the dice if you decide to be the shooter first. The nice part is that you may play this game with your 1xBet bonus as well.

How to play heads or tails at 1xbet?

Flip a coin to see if it lands with the head or the tail facing up in this straightforward game. Even though it seems easy, it is a fantastic way to spend the evening because you have the possibility of winning actual money. It is one of the casino games that has gained popularity at 1xbet because, if you are lucky, you can win a lot of money. You can simultaneously flip two coins and make a wager on whether one or both will come up heads or tails.

How to play fantasy football at 1xbet?

You have the opportunity to build your ideal team and hone your sports management skills by participating in Fantasy Football at 1xbet. It is the ideal chance to monetize your expertise in football. Select a tournament from the list, then assemble a fantasy roster with players from various clubs. Make careful to preserve the lineup you’ve chosen so you can utilize it to defeat other fantasy teams and earn cash. Even better, you might be able to locate a 1xbet campaign like the New Year Fantasy Football Marathon.

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