Leonardo Bonucci is out of the Juventus squad

July 14, 2023

Leonardo Bonucci: The captain of Juventus won’t hold that position for long.

Leonardo Bonucci is out of the Juventus squad

Cristiano Giuntoli has taken his first major move as the man in charge of Juventus’ sporting department.

Additionally, it has something to do with the man who became the captain for the previous 12 months.

Leonardo Bonucci, the 36-year-old captain of Juventus who has one year left on his contract. He is no longer a part of the group’s plans for the company’s future. Giuntoli and Giovanni Manna informed him by teleconference on Thursday that.

If Bonucci wants to attempt to be a full-time starter somewhere else before next year’s Euros, he can go. Bonucci is now free to leave Juventus this summer.

Bonucci had stated after his 500th appearance for Juventus that he will retire at the end of the 2023-24 season when his current contract expires. However, with this abrupt change of plans, Bonucci will have to seek playing time elsewhere if he is to play regularly and captain Italy in the Euros.

Leonardo Bonucci is out from the Zebras roaster

Bonucci is one of the last Juve players to report following a month-long vacation due to international service that extended his season last month.

Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia reports that he will still show up for preseason practice at Continassa on Monday.

Bonucci’s resignation is now likely following a 2022-23 season in which his poor form and injuries dominated the conversation.

Following Giorgio Chiellini’s departure for Los Angeles, Bonucci’s first season as captain did not go well since he spent more time on the sidelines motivating and encouraging his teammates than he did on the field.

Last season, Bonucci started only nine Serie A games and featured in only 16.

At the time, it’s unclear where he’ll go from here. He’s in links with moves to Newcastle and Andrea Pirlo’s Sampdoria of Serie B.

Additionally, a Saudi offer seems probable despite earlier rumors suggesting that Bonucci may reject it and remain with Juventus.

But now that Giuntoli has made his presence known and informed Bonucci of his technical ideas that do not entail the final surviving piece of the fabled BBC defense, who knows whether the same proposals that may have been turned down have become something to consider?