Nacho and Lucas Vazquez ‘to be rewarded with a new contract’

March 28, 2024

Nacho and Lucas Vazquez are crucial to Real Madrid’s strategy and are getting new contract with the club.

Nacho and Lucas Vazquez 'to be rewarded with a new contract'

Carlo Ancelotti and his coaching team have clearly communicated to the club’s board that retaining both players is a prudent decision, considering their constant good performance this season.

Both Nacho and Lucas Vazquez have presented their arguments.

Despite being past his prime, Nacho has made his case this season. Despite being called upon more frequently owing to injuries to Eder Militao and David Alaba, he has been able to rise to the task.

“Compared to last season, I’ve approached things differently this year. He recently stated, “I’m enjoying every game without thinking about the future.”

Nacho and Lucas Vasquez are set to get contract extension from Los Blancos

Real Madrid apparently let Nacho determine his future, and the defender was more than willing to stay for at least another year.

Meanwhile, Vazquez wields enormous power in the locker room. He is regarded as one of the older players who actively contribute to the integration of young players into the team.

This job has elevated him above simply being a player on the pitch. Ancelotti appreciates his presence so much that he personally asked Vazquez to stay.

As a result, the club has opted not to sign any new right-backs this summer, believing that Dani Carvajal and Vazquez have properly filled the position.

Madrid allowed him to select because of his flawless career as One Club Man (a distinction shared only by Zárraga, Sanchis, Camacho, and Chendo), and Nacho gladly accepts another year with the team of his dreams.

In the instance of Lucas Vázquez, it was similar. Regardless of the season Dani Carvajal (32) has had, the Galician all-rounder has performed admirably in the minutes that Ancelotti has given him since the course began in San Mamés in August. Curtis’ player has already played 26 games, scoring one goal and assisting four times.