Paris Saint Germain € 40m for ‘Parc des Princes’

November 25, 2022

Paris Saint Germain has offered Paris 40 million euros for the Parc des Princes. The city department expected the stadium would cost $350 million.

Paris Saint Germain over buying Parc de Princes

PSG home ground Parc Des Princes
PSG home ground Parc Des Princes

Paris Saint-Germain has made a €40 million offer to the city of Paris for the Parc des Princes as part of discussions about potentially expanding the capacity of their home stadium.

Pierre Rabadan, the capital city’s deputy mayor for sports, told L’Équipe that PSG told them they would be interested in buying the stadium to carry out the repairs, that the municipal authorities had asked them to make an offer, and that they had received a low offer.

According to individuals familiar to Qatar Sports Investment, PSG’s owners, the city’s urban department estimates the stadium to be worth €350 million, while another study estimates the price at €200 million.

PSG made such a low bid since the club had invested 85 million euros in the stadium’s restoration for Euro 2016, and the club also had a 30-year lease.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s remarks on Wednesday on potentially leaving the stadium can in this sense may see as a way of convincing the city to lower their asking price. However, the timing of his statements, so close to the confirmation that they were in talks with potential minority shareholders, has upset some, both in the town hall and at PSG.