Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Nepal


Nepal, a country known for its religion, culture, and natural beauty is not behind in Sports. Nepal is very diverse in terms of athletics and there are many different sports & games that people engage in. While some sports are more popular than others, there are sports played and admired more often in Nepal.

Sports are a great way to get a workout, stay in shape, and have fun. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want to have a new passion for one of the sports, below are the most popular sports in Nepal with a massive fan following.

List of Most Popular Sports in Nepal (Top 10)

We have created a list of the most popular sports in Nepal based on people’s interest to watch and play. We collected views from different sports persons and based on our survey the most loved sports in Nepal are cricket and football.  Making volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, swimming, etc. their second choice. With that being said, here are the top 10 most popular sports in Nepal:


Cricket has become more popular than ever in  Nepal. Especially after Nepal for first time qualified for the T20 world cup in 2014. More and more youths are coming and giving their best performance in this game. Nepal has got a new cricket captain i.e. Sandip Lamichhane who is one of the most popular cricketers. He is a right-arm spinner and has played in multiple international tournaments one of which is the IPL. 

One of the main reasons for cricket being so popular in Nepal is the influence of India. There are a lot of Indian cricket fans in Nepal and when the IPL season hits, Nepalese go crazy to watch every game. From youths to old all are so addicted to this watch this season of cricket. Not to mention, the number of people who bet on cricket matches using 1xBet is countless during major seasons.


ANFA (All Nepal Football Association) has made this game a favorite among the youths of Nepal. ANFA is responsible for national football tournaments in which multiple local and national clubs compete. There are a lot of football clubs (A division, B division, and C division) currently playing under ANFA. 

Other than national games, More and more youths are fans of international football tournaments such as the UEFA champions league, Nations League, FIFA world cup, Euro cup, and more. International clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, etc. have a fan base in Nepal also. 


Volleyball being the national game of Nepal is also very popular among youths. Unlike cricket and football, volleyball requires less space to play and is more economic. It is more fun to play than any other game as every player has an equal role to win the match. 


Although this game is not the most played game in Nepal there are a lot of supporters of international basketball games. It is a favorite game for youths who are still in their bachelor’s as they can play multiple inter and intra-college basketball championships. 


From youth to old, badminton is one of the much-loved sports in Nepal. The main reason being no particular space is required to play this game. It is moreover a fun and fitness game to be played. Only two people are required to play this game which makes this game more enjoyable. As it only requires two badminton rackets and a cork making it is affordable as well. 


Kabaddi being the second most popular sport in India has made it more popular than ever in Nepal. Previously, kabaddi was the national game of Nepal and was replaced by volleyball in 2017. It is like a tag game in which each team will have 6 players. The aim is to tag all the players of the opponent team. The best thing about this game is it can be played indoors or outdoors and does not require much space to play. Pro Kabaddi league in India is very popular and is also loved in Nepal as well.


Swimming is the only sport that is played on the water in Nepal. The sport is played in a swimming pool and is one of the best sports to make your body healthy. It is very much fun to play and also helps to build a good appetite. Nepal is rich in lakes and rivers, and locals love to swim in these natural pools. 

Swimming is one of the much-loved sports in the Olympics. Although Nepal has not performed well in the Olympics but has performed better in SAFF () games. With more and more youths participating in SAFF and the Olympics, swimming has become one of the popular sports in Nepal.

Table Tennis

Like badminton, table tennis is also a two-player game. It is played on board using a table tennis bat and a ball. Both players have to land the ball on the opponent’s side if not they will lose the point. It is one of the much-loved games by students of all ages. Every school and college in Nepal has a table tennis board for students to play. This game doesn’t require much energy and is more fun to play. 

Dandi Biyo

Most played in rural and hilly areas, Dandi Biyo is one of the traditional sports of Nepal. Kabaddi and Dandi Biyo were the national sports of Nepal before Volleyball. The game is more popular among kids as it can have any number of players. It requires a pointy long stick (Dandi) and a small wooden pin (Biyo) to play the game. The game is easy to play and learn and does not require any cash to start with. 

Kho Kho

Kho Kho is one of the most popular and ancient games in India. It is also a tag sport like kabaddi but the playing style is quite different. It requires a group of twelve players out of which two squads are separated. A chasing squad which includes 9 players and a guarding squad which includes 3 players. 

Due to the influence of Indian sports, Kho Kho has become one of the much-loved sports in Nepal. The game is easy to learn and is mostly popular among school-level students. 

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Besides the above-mentioned sports, Nepal is also famous for adventure sports. Being a naturally rich country, Nepal has a lot to offer for adventure. Nepal has a lot of fast-flowing rivers perfect for rafting and high bridges and forts for bungee jumping. Other popular adventure sports played in Nepal include Paragliding, skydiving, Kayaking, canoeing, and more. 

Wrapping Up

Nepal being a diverse country has a lot to offer in the context of sports. Some sports are more popular while some are more fun to play. You can also earn cash by playing and winning tournaments. Another option to earn extra cash would be to bet on your favorite sport. 1xBet is an online platform where you can start betting on popular sports in Nepal and earn extra cash. A lot of sports lovers are in 1xBet as it is one of the better sources of income if you bet the right way. You can easily play 1xBet in Nepal by downloading and registering for the app.

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