Yann Sommer gifts 700kgs chocolate to De Ligt

March 14, 2023

Yann Sommer ordered a truckload of chocolate for a Bayern partner. 

Yann Sommer promised De Ligt to gift Swiss Chocolate as the clean shit reward.
Yann Sommer and De Ligt after goal clearance

Sommer’s 700 kg of chocolate for de Ligt is still not delivered formally. The producer donated candy to a charity.

Let’s recall that after the match with PSG in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League (2:0). Yann Sommer promised to gift Swiss chocolate to the veteran defender. Sommer promised to gift Matthijs de Ligt- as a token of gratitude for taking the ball out of the goal line.

On Thursday, Swiss manufacturer Kägi sent truck from Toggenburg to Munich to deliver sweets to de Ligt on his behalf. It was not ordinary chocolate, but wafers covered with milk chocolate. The total weight of the cargo was about 700 kg. 

However, at the entrance to Munich, it turned out that it would not be possible to transfer chocolate to the football player. 

“Five minutes before Munich, the awful news arrived: a truckload of Swiss chocolate could not formally provided. After more than three hours of driving, the disappointment became unbearable,” said Kägi spokeswoman Miu Nguyen.

Instead of taking the goods back, the company decided to donate the chocolate to the Tafel charity, which specializes in food assistance to the poor. 

Yann Sommer promised to gift De Ligt Swiss Chocolate

Matthijs de Ligt spared Yann Sommer’s blushes after an egregious blunder to keep Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain tied on Wednesday.

The Bayern goalkeeper chose to dribble the ball out from behind after receiving a back-pass, but nearly immediately gave the ball away to Vitinha inside the area. Under Sommer’s pressure, the PSG midfielder unleashed an under-hit shot goalwards, which De Ligt was able to clear on the slide.