Adidas made Match Ball for the Women’s World Cup

January 25, 2023
Adidas unveils the official match ball of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.
Adidas 2023 Women’s World Cup match ball

Adidas Football has unveiled the new FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 match ball.

This ball named OCEAUNZ is Adidas’ ninth FIFA Women’s World Cup football in a row. Keeping this in mind, the new ball for the upcoming tournament is the most technologically advanced to date. Also it is designed to keep up with the speed of the beautiful game.

For instance, the ball is made to improve consistency and precision when struck. Likewise, for enabling quick and exact play with maximum form and air retention. Furthermore, the polyurethane outer texture of the ball incorporates connected ball technology. That is a suspension system in the center of the ball that stabilizes it mid-flight.

The blue and green colors used in the ball’s general design, which was developed by Australian and New Zealand designers Chern’ee Sutton and Fiona Collis, are drawn from the Australian scenery while also paying homage to New Zealand’s mountains and Australia’s relationship to the Indian Ocean. Additionally, both nations’ initials and cultural symbols highlight their shared history and culture.

Similar to the World Cup in 2022, 1% of match balls purchases from this year’s competition will go to Common Goal’s Global Goal 5 Accelerator, a group initiative to boost female participation, representation, and leadership at the grassroots level of sport.