Asensio has new contract offer from Real Madrid, but asks for more money

Asensio got offer a new deal of €4.8 million-a-year deal but the player wants €6 million.
Asensio unlikely to stay at Madrid without his desired value

Asensio cannot claim that he has had no offers from Real Madrid. It is the Mallorcan who refuses to sign. The European champion gave him a first proposal at the end of December, and there was only an agreement on the period of the probable agreement, which went from three to four seasons. Money, on the other hand, was an obvious point of contention. The discussions are still ongoing, and the economic disparity is significant.

Asensio’s contract expires in June, and he has a net earnings record of roughly 4.5 million euros. If he was offered a reduced deal of 4.2 million a year ago, they have now offered him a contract of 4.8 million per year. The player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, has requested a net salary of $6 million a season and would not accept a contract worth less than 5.5 million. The disparity is evident.

The Spaniard missed a penalty in Mallorca, costing the current league champion a point, and alternates between excellent and bad performances. He lacks consistency, and this is what has defined his tenure with the Madrid squad.

The essence of the issue for Jorge Mendes and Marco Asensio is if staying at Real Madrid is beneficial for their careers. He is 27 years old, and he is about to sign the last contract of his life. The forward must choose between being the tail of a lion and the head of a mouse. He understands that he would never have a permanent starting spot in the Madrid club, despite playing 45 games every season on average. If he travels to another club, he may be used as a reference. It is the internal conflict.

Asensio and Real Madrid: more to know?

Asensio and Mendes investigate what is best for their respective interests. From an economic standpoint, it is evident that leaving would be more preferable, as he would earn a sizable transfer bonus. Another concern is if he can perform well in other sports.

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