LeBron James becomes NBA’s all-time leading scorer

February 8, 2023

LeBron James has proven himself as one of the most dominant NBA players in history by breaking Kareem Abdul-all-time Jabbar’s scoring record.

On Tuesday night, the 38-year-old broke Abdul-record Jabbar’s of 38,387 points with a step-back fadeaway jumper from the foul line against the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kenrich Williams with 10.9 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

While Abdul-Jabbar needed 1,560 games to reach his record, James did so in just over 1,400. Michael Jordan has the highest points per game in NBA history (30.1). James is sixth on that record with 27.1 points, barely behind another active player, Kevin Durant (27.3).

After James’ record-breaking jumper, the game was delayed for an on-court celebration featuring Abdul-Jabbar and NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

“I simply wanted to say thank you to the Laker fans. “You guys are one-of-a-kind,” James remarked. “It’s incredibly humbling to be in the company of such a legend as great as Kareem. “Please give the Captain a standing ovation.”

James then thanked his family and others who had helped him.

“I appreciate you so much for enabling me to be a part of something I’ve always wanted to do,” James said after finishing the night with 38 points on 13-of-20 shooting, seven rebounds, three assists, and three steals in a 133-130 defeat to the Lakers.

LeBron James makes NBA history

Abdul-Jabbar, who has the record since April 1984, has told that he is happy with James’ improvement. “I want [other players] to surpass my records because it is another standard of human advancement,” he wrote in 2019 for the Guardian. “… Every time an athlete displays that a person is capable of more than we imagined, they encourage all of mankind to recognize that they are capable of going further than they imagined feasible.”

James’ march to the scoring record almost seems inevitable. While still in high school, he received the media attention generally reserved for professional players and scored his first NBA points for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers when he was 18 years old (unlike James, Abdul-Jabbar played college basketball and did not score his first points in the league until he was 22). His ability to set scoring records has also in aid by his ability to avoid major injuries; James has just missed substantial playing time since joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018.

But James is more than just a scorer; he has the fourth-most assists in NBA history and is recognized for his leadership abilities on the field. He is also a four-time NBA MVP who has won at least one championship with each of his three clubs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat.

Kevin Love’s statement over LeBron James’ record

“It’s more than simply his physique, and it’s not only his method. That is more than simply his intention. “It’s his brain,” his former Cavaliers teammate Kevin Love said earlier this month to the Associated Press.

In terms of the future, James has stated that he would like to play with his son, Bronny, who will not be allowed to join the NBA until at least 2024. If James’ current scoring rate continues, he will have surpassed 40,000 career points.

More to know?

Official NBA records are based on regular-season performance. However, James also retains the record for combined regular-season and postseason points. In past season’s playoffs, he beat Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s of 44,149 points.