FC Nantes player attacked during French Youth Cup

March 13, 2023

FC Nantes youth footballer threatened by a guy with a knife during a huge melee during a cup game before fleeing to the locker room.

FC Nantes player got threated with a knife at halftime. It was during their French youth cup (Coupe Gambardella) match against Monaco on Sunday afternoon.

A brawl broke out in the fans during halftime of the quarter-final match, which the visitors Monaco eventually won 1-0. A guy wielding a knife struck and threatened one of Nantes’ junior players. During the confrontation, the player in issue went into the locker room to hide as stewards tried to settle the situation.

However, the attacker fled the area before five police units arrived at the stadium to oversee the rest of the game. The Principality team ultimately scored on the hour mark to go to the semi-finals. The grounds for the brawl are still unknown as of this morning, and the youth player of FC Nantes has opted not to pursue legal action.

FC Nantes youngster got threat

A Young player was challenged with a knife by a guy. This incident occured during half-time of a youth cup game in Nantes on Sunday afternoon.

The incident is reported to have taken place during Nantes’ meeting with Monaco, with a player from the former being forced to hide in the changing room after “being struck”.

A brawl is said to have broken out among roughly 20 fans with the score locked at 0-0.

After being assaulted, the anonymous Nantes player was threatened by a guy carrying a knife.

Fortunately unharmed, the athlete went directly to the locker room to hide from the perpetrator.

The attacker was allegedly able to depart as stewards sought to calm the tense scene.

The game was eventually able to resume… under the watch of FIVE police units.

Monaco went on to win 1-0 after scoring on 60 minutes to go to the semi-finals.

The Nantes player who was intimidated has apparently decided not to pursue legal action as a result of the event.

The cause of the half-time brawl has yet to be revealed.