Grinch Hungarian Goalkeeper of the Year 😡

March 17, 2023

Grinch Hungarian Goalkeeper gets KARMA

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Grinch Hungarian Goalkeeper from Second League made a double save against a child on his birthday.

A goalie from the Hungarian Second League made two unkind saves against a boy on his birthday, and the incident quickly went viral.

A seven-year-old boy who had to leave the field consoled had his dream overshadowed by goalkeeper Zsombor Senkó from the Hungarian team DVTK Diosyor.

FOOTBALL supporters were outraged after a Hungarian goalkeeper refused to allow a six-year-old kid to score from kick-off during a second-tier match.

Enok Varga’s ambition was to kick off the Hungarian Second Division match between MTK Budapest and Diosgyori VTK.

Then he got his desire as he dribbled the ball from the center circle in front of a cheering crowd.

As Enok entered the penalty area, though, football fans were stunned and enraged.

Zsombor Senko, the Diosgyori goalkeeper, chose to block the boy’s shot with his right leg.

Not to be deterred, Enok dashed to the left touchline to grab the ball before sprinting back at the goal.

Grinch GK of Hungaria

Senko, however, decided to spare the child’s effort by catching the ball and kicking it away.

The cameras then showed a frustrated Enok sprinting back to the halfway line as the spectators booed the goalkeeper.

Enok was then kidnapped while in the arms of his brother.

Senko’s behavior was labeled “unforgivable” by the record.

Following the game, the keeper apologized for his conduct and invited Enok to Diosgyori’s next match against MTK.

“We are very happy to have him, his family, and his teammates!” Senko made a comment.

I hope he never loses up on his goals and fights for every ball as he did on Monday night in the interim.

But, the shot-stopper infuriated fans, who immediately took to social media to voice their outrage.

One user asked on social media, “Why did he do it?”

“Can’t you throw him in jail?” said another irate punter.

“Such an awful p****,” said a third.

“The goalie didn’t understand the humor,” remarked a fourth.