Joshua Kimmich wants to leave FC Bayern Munich

February 19, 2024

Joshua Kimmich is considering leaving Bayern in the summer, as his relationship with Thomas Tuchel has utterly deteriorated.

Joshua Kimmich wants to leave FC Bayern Munich

Barcelona has been here before, with Robert Lewandowski. Joshua Kimmich, one of Bayern Munich’s top players, appears to be on the verge of leaving Bavaria, and the Blaugrana are on high alert.

The German midfielder has had disagreements with manager Thomas Tuchel, who has recently been linked with Barcelona, as evidenced by their previous three games. Kimmich started on the bench against Bayer Leverkusen, who lost 3-0. Tuchel substituted Kimmich in the 63rd minute of Bayern’s 2-1 loss to Bochum on Sunday.

The match ended 3-2 for Bochum, leaving Tuchel’s job security ‘hanging by a thread’. Kimmich and Tuchel’s relationship is said to be utterly ruined, as indicated by Kimmich’s frown following the shift. According to BILD and MD, he would later have a furious dispute with assistant Zsolt Low.

“I understand what occurred. This is a football locker room, and there are many emotions there. That doesn’t imply anything. “It’s a normal incident after a defeat,” Tuchel remarked after the game, attempting to calm things down.

It’s unclear whether Tuchel will continue. Despite the fact that an extension is unlikely to occur, he has already been connected to departing. Barcelona has been watching him for some time, but he will most likely only be available on a free transfer next summer. This one might come too soon for them, especially if Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City pursue their interest.