Jurgen Klopp is staying at Liverpool

February 13, 2023

Jurgen Klopp is not thinking about leaving Liverpool despite a difficult season.

Jurgen Klopp strongly denied rumors of a surprise Anfield departure, saying he felt “too much responsibility” to ever consider leaving.

The Reds are now in the middle of a terrible season. With 29 points from 20 games placing Klopp’s team in 10th place in the standings. After the World Cup, thIe Reds returned to domestic play. But they have only accrued seven of a possible 18 points. The were only making it more doubtful that they would finish in the top four.

Klopp has the full support of the club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group. There are quiet rumors that he leaves Merseyside after seven years, less than a year into a new deal.

The Reds manager insisted he is not considering leaving ahead of Monday night’s Merseyside derby against Everton at Anfield and repeated his unflinching commitment to turning around what has been a disastrous campaign thus far.

As for my difficult periods, Klopp remarked, “I would say they always came to an end at the conclusion of my tenure [at my prior teams]. “At Mainz, we faced challenges throughout the whole period, with Borussia Dortmund likely serving as both the beginning and the conclusion. I can see why people could believe so, but I will not and am unable to go.

Jurgen Klopp statement about the rumors

“I feel like I have too much responsibility, and I want to fix it. It’s a trying period, and I don’t like it, but if we could demonstrate that our club is unique because we believe in everything – or that people trust in me – then we’ll have to go through this together and, when we emerge, have fun once more.

Perhaps the challenging times have lasted for a little too long already, including for me. I was aware that the season would be challenging, but even with five or six more points, it still wouldn’t be a wonderful one. We could speak about [qualifying for] the Champions League at this stage, but happily not even the media bothers to question me about it anymore.

“This makes it really challenging. However, I don’t consider this sort of stuff. I am devotedly present here. You can understand how huge the responsibility at the moment is and how I feel today. We will do absolutely everything to get through this and create the very good future again. If we win, I feel like I was part of it, but if we lose, I feel 100% responsible. I was always like this in my life.”

Klopp said, “We cannot alter the fact that we lost the most recent game in the manner in which we lost it [against Wolves]. He added, “and there are challenging times ahead; players are returning and people assume they would immediately improve but they were out for a considerable amount of time.” We must maintain composure, be shrewd, and act appropriately. You will see that I occasionally become upset after a loss, but other from that. I am totally clear-headed and capable of performing my duties as usual.