La Casa Blanca conceded 4 goals by Girona FC

April 26, 2023

La Casa Blanca (Real Madrid) allowed 4 goals from a single player for the first time in 76 in Laliga History.

La Casa Blanca vs Girona FC
Taty Castellanos celebrating his goal aginst Real Madrid

For the first time in 76 years, Real Madrid has allowed four goals from one player in La Liga.

In the 31st round of Spain’s championship, striker “Girona” Valentin Castellanos designed poker in a match with the Madrid club.

Esteban Echavarria scored five goals against Real Madrid in 1947. This is the first La Liga match against them since then.

This is the fifth poker game against Real Madrid in La Liga history.

In the Champions League, Robert Lewandowski last played poker against Real Madrid in 2013.

La Casa Blanca history: Players who scored more than 4 goals in Laliga against the Spanish Giant

To score four goals in one game, or a poker as it is famous in Spain, is a rare set of cards.

Since Antonio Emery, future manager Unai Emery’s grandfather, conceded the first strike in La Liga history nearly a century ago, only about 150 players have experienced the incandescent joy of scoring four goals in the same game.

Only a handful of teams have ever done so against Real Madrid, the competition’s most successful club in its history.

Here are the select few who have reached such heights against such regal opposition.

1. Marti Ventolra (Barcelona) – 1935

Johan Cruyff, Romario, and Lionel Messi have all been part of Barcelona teams that have defeated Real Madrid 5-0. But none of them have scored four goals.

The phrase “la manita” (the little hand) refers to a victory of that magnitude in the El Clasico. Martin Ventolra had four fingers held up when he scored a quadruple in Barcelona’s 5-0 thrashing of Madrid in 1935.

2. Vicente Martinez Catala (Espanyol) – 1940

Madrid is notorious for not knowing when they have been defeated. It’s a truism proven throughout the club’s journey to a 14th European Cup in 2022, long before the competition they’d dominate was even invented.

Vicente Martinez Catala of Espanyol had completed his hat trick and seen teammate Gabriel Jorge find the net within the first hour of a seemingly routine league game in March 1940.

Los Blancos, on the other hand, refused to go away, scoring twice before Catala drew his poker. Two goals in less than two minutes separated the Catalan hosts in a wild 5-4 ding dong.

Real Madrid against small teams players

3. Emilin (Real Oviedo) – 1944

What better way to kick off a season than with four unanswered goals against Real Madrid?

In the first game of the 1944/45 season, Emilin fired Real Oviedo into a 3-0 lead inside the first 20 minutes as La Liga continued despite the Second World War. The nimble left winger, who is popular for his ability to score straight from corner kicks despite not being a natural poacher, added a fourth to his personal tally after the break.

4. Esteban Echevarria (Real Oviedo) – 1947

The other players on this list may have scored four goals against Real Madrid, but Esteban Echevarria is the only person in La Liga history to score five goals against Los Blancos in the same game.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo broke his record in 2014, the Basque forward had the fastest start to a La Liga season – 14 goals in the first eight games. Echevarria, on the other hand, still had enough fire in his boots to score five goals in a 7-1 rout of Madrid in December 1947.

5. Taty Castellanos (Girona) – 2023

Taty Castellanos completed a promising first season at Girona up until the evening of Tuesday, April 25, 2023. However, it had been limited by a lack of a clinical edge. That narrative not so much altered as being drizzled in gasoline and set ablaze with a brutal four-goal haul, against Real Madrid of all teams.

In front of a raucous crowd, Castellanos was the epitome of efficiency, completing only four passes but scoring four goals from five shots on goal in Girona’s famous 4-2 victory.