World Cup Attendance Exceeds Stadium Capacity

November 22, 2022

During the FIFA World Cup, Al Bayt Stadium is hosting nine matches, which included the opening match, five other group matches, and three knockout matches.

World Cup

The tournament began on November 20 with Qatar‘s game versus Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium. We go to the official FIFA website and read two sentences concerning the capacity of this arena. Different information on the same page:

• The stadium capacity for the 2022 World Cup is 45,032. – Capacity for particular matches may differ slightly.
• The tournament has a capacity of 60,000 people.

According to the announcement made at the end of the game, 67,000 people attended the host nation’s opening versus Ecuador.

Even if it had been full, it would have been odd given that Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor only holds 60,000 people.

And this appears to be a trend, since the official attendance for Holland vs. Senegal was 41,721. Despite the fact that the game was played in a 40,000-seater stadium.
Fans and analysts alike have criticized the lack of atmosphere at the games thus far.

Equador fans enjoying their team leading the World Cup host in opening match

Legacy and sustainability (By FIFA)

The modular upper tier will be removed after the event, and the seats (capacity 60,000) will be used to build sporting facilities in Qatar or elsewhere. The stadium’s upper terrace will be converted into various facilities after Qatar 2022.

Simultaneously, according to the official protocol of the Qatar-Ecuador match on the same FIFA website, there are still more spectators than the capacity suggests. At least seven thousand, assuming we take actual stadium information for 60 thousand attendees.