Adrien Rabiot extends Juventus Contract

June 27, 2023

Adrien Rabiot has extended his contract with Juventus.

Adrien Rabiot extends Juventus Contract

Adrien Rabiot has extended his contract until 30 June 2024. He is eager to experience more emotion in the black and white stripes. Rabiot has 177 games, 17 goals, and three titles. He won a Scudetto, a Coppa Italia, and a Supercoppa – which he hopes to add to.

Rabiot joined Juventus in the summer of 2019 after leaving PSG. Adrien has been a key member of the Bianconeri midfield for the past four seasons: 37 appearances in Serie A and one goal scored in his first season – the one that earned him the Serie A winner’s medal; 47 appearances and five goals in his second season, with success in the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup; 45 appearances without scoring in season three before peaking in season four.

Adrien has played the most matches since the 2019/20 season (177, tied with Juan Cuadrado). Rabiot also set a personal high for assists and goals this year.

Speaking of goals, no one scored more than him at Allianz Stadium this season, the venue that has become his home, the location of his famous galloping runs that have energized the club time and again.

And so the narrative goes on – after all, there are still many roads to travel alongside one another, and we are eager to keep sprinting towards our objectives together.

Congratulations, Adrien!